"A first-time author has outdone himself here!”

~Deb Agran, 11/27/22

Elusive Links

A Story of Connection, Compassion and Competition

2023 best indie book badgeIn 2011, a rare book sells for $2 million. Its original owner, Ben Solomon, expelled from Spain in 1492, settles in Scotland where he helps develop the sport of golf.

In 2002, Sandra Cole and Rusty Stephens, a world-renowned golfer, begin a romantic and spiritual journey that propels them, and their entourage, to connect through two life-changing events. 

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"Rosenberg weaved a story that was compelling and interesting. I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone."
~Lou Benjamin, 11/23/22

Dan A Rosenberg

Born in 1952, Rosenberg was raised in the Reform Jewish community of Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Walnut Hills High School. Following a bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University, he began his career as a computer programmer.

His interest in writing took root shortly after earning a masters degree from Georgia State University in 1979.

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