Dan A. Rosenberg

Born in 1952, Rosenberg was raised in the Reform Jewish community of Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Walnut Hills High School. Following a bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University, he began his career as a computer programmer.

His interest in writing took root shortly after earning a masters degree from Georgia State University in 1979. He joined Price Waterhouse as a management consultant, where he wrote several business articles, published in trade journals.

In 1994, he self-published a short, autobiographical book, Random Destiny “A Collection of True Episodes”. As stated in the preface, “I seem to be at the intersection of events that might confound statisticians. These happenings cause me to wonder about the essence of being.”

Since 2009, he has written over sixty-five pieces for The Connections Magazines. His column, “Random Connections,” is published in central New Jersey, where he resides with his wife, Abby.